Affiliated Members

Affiliate membership status may be granted to:

Category 1: Governmental and non-governmental organizations, associations, foundations, academic and scientific institutes whose activities relate closely to the mandate of the ICDO;

Category 2: Private commercial or industrial companies whose activities relate closely to the mandate of the ICDO;

To become Affiliated Member, the requesting party should:

1) Accept the Charter Affiliate Member CHARTER.pdf

2) Sign the Oath Affiliate Member OATH.pdf

ICDO Affiliated Members (23)
Russian Federation All-Russian Science and Research Institute on Civil Defence and Emergency Situations 11/05/2016
Russian Federation Association ODM DE RCBP IS 21/04/2015
Russian Federation Civil Defence Academy of EMERCOM of Russia, Russia 28/11/2012
United Arab Emirates Council of Arab Interior Ministers (C. A. I. M.) 29/10/1988
Institut de Recherches Stratégiques International pour la Protection des Populations, France 02/11/2010
United Kingdom Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (ICPEM), United Kingdom 11/02/2000
Switzerland International Civil Defence Support & Coordination Agency 11/05/2016
Norway LESS AS (Light Emergency Stretcher Systems), Norway 28/11/2012
Kazakhstan Multidisciplinary Civil Defence College 11/05/2016
Saudi Arabia Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS), KSA 29/10/1988
Spain National Association of Professionals and Civil Defense and Emergencies (ANEPPCE), Spain 02/11/2010
France National Council on Civil Protection, France 11/02/2000
Italy Observatory on Security and CBRNe Defence 24/04/2014
Qatar Ras Laffan Emergency & Safety College (RLESC) 21/04/2015
Russian Federation Russian Union of Rescuers 21/04/2015
Serbia Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Centre 11/05/2016
Saudi Arabia Saudi Factory Fire Equipment Co. SFFECO, Saudi Arabia 02/11/2010
Russian Federation Scientific and Production Center Rescue Equipment, Russia 23/11/2006
Russian Federation St-Petersburg University of State Fire Service 21/04/2015
Russian Federation State Fire Academy of EMERCOM of Russia 21/04/2015
Belgium The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS), Belgium 28/11/2012
Switzerland World Agency of Planetary Monitoring and Earthquake Risk Reduction (WAPMERR), Switzerland 10/04/2002
United States World Medical Rehabilitation Center (WMRC), United States 28/11/2001

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