ICDO Publications

Title: Disaster Management Guide.
Author: Compiled with the support of the Swiss Disaster Relief Corps (SDRC)of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of the Swiss Confederation.
Year: 1995.
Language: French, English and Spanish.
Pages: 119p.

To provide technical assistance in the management of disasters, the ICDO has compiled the" Disaster Management Guide" which was published in French in 1995. The Guide explains the principles and means of protection, the structures to be established at different political levels and the techniques for directing and managing aid in case of need. The various chapters dealing with this subject are of great importance given the complexity and magnitude of the tasks falling to the authorities and to their implementing bodies; these tasks range from the analysis of major life-threatening risks and the decision making process to the establishment of intervention plans and protection, assistance and rehabilitation measures.

The "Disaster Management Guide" is also a useful tool upon which to base the development of professional training for managers, instructors and the personnel of national Civil Protection services. This first edition, will be the object of further study and revision and will be followed by Arabic, English and Spanish versions.

Title: Protection and Assistance for all in the face of Disasters in the
21st Century

World Action Plan for the Developement of Civil Protection.

Published by: International Civil Defence Organisation
Language: French, English
ISBN: 92-9254-402-16

This "White Book" contains a compilation of the main documents presented at the 11th World Conference on Civil Protection, which took place from 26-28 October 1998 in Beijing, China. It was published by the ICDO with the support of the Swiss Government. The volume includes the Beijing Declaration adopted by the Conference and the ICDO documents on the development of national civil protection structures, international cooperation, as well as doctrine and law pertaining to civil protection.

Title: Civil Defence 1977-1997: From Law to Practice.
Author: S. Jeannet, Legal Adviser (ICRC) with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
Year: 1997.
Language: English-French.
Pages: 89p.

This publication is a report of a meeting of experts on the implementation of international humanitarian law (IHL) norms relating to civil defence. This meeting, organized by the International Civil Defence Organisation (ICDO) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), took place from 30 June - 2 July 1997, in Gollion, Switzerland.

Title: Capacity Building for Search and Rescue in Local Communities.
Author: International Civil Defence Organisation
Language: English

Disasters are often sudden and often result in serious damage to buildings and infrastructure, and a number of trapped persons. Rescuers must move in the disaster area and clear the means of access, give immediate assistance to the wounded, extract trapped persons, and evacuate them to field medical posts. Where buildings are not damaged, rescuers are still required to locate and remove people from life-threatening situations, and work closely with other organisations to reduce harm to a community. In short, search and rescue requires the development of a preparedness programme and this Community Emergency Preparedness Manual may be an excellent tool for it.

Play with Protector.
Published by: International Civil Defence Organisation
Language: Arabic, English, French, Spanish,Russian

A Game for raising awareness of disaster, mainly destined for the young public.


Title: Cartoon: Civil Protection, a tool for sustainable development
Published by: International Civil Defence Organisation
Language: Arabic, English, French, Spanish,Russian



Title: Techniques élémentaires de sauvetage.
Published by: International Civil Defence Organisation
Year: 1997.
Language: In French only.

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