Cross-Border Cooperation: Franco-Swiss Success

Cross-Border Cooperation: Franco-Swiss Success

The ICDO would like to congratulate the French and Swiss fire and emergency services.

On the night of 18 January 2017, they joined forces to fight the fire which ravaged the historic hotel-chateau in the French town Divonne-les-Bains, just over the border from Switzerland.

The ICDO would like to draw special attention to the value of cross-border cooperation for rapid emergency response in such urgent situations.

It is important to note that, based on international agreements, the emergency services of Switzerland and France are allowed to intervene upon request in emergencies which occur in the territory of the other state.

In fact, a high degree of Franco-Swiss cooperation has already existed for many years in the Lake Geneva Region, providing assistance to victims of accidents and help in other serious emergencies, on the ski slopes or on the lake, in the forests or the nearby mountains and in the urban areas.

The ICDO salutes cooperation of this type between neighboring countries, as it can enable emergency services to respond more quickly and efficiently to emergencies on both sides of the border.  At the same time, the ICDO would like to reaffirm its constant support for the fire and rescue services all over the world.

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