ICDO Delegation in Kenya

ICDO Delegation in Kenya

From 28 February to 2 March 2017, an ICDO delegation paid an official visit to Kenya to perform an assessment of the national civil defence system.

The ICDO delegation was accompanied by Mr. I. Sosunov, the Deputy Director of the Russian Scientific Research Institute on Civil Defence and Emergencies of EMERCOM of Russia and attended several meetings with Inspector- General of the National Police Service, Mr. J. K. Boinnet, the Secretary of Internal Security, Mr. A. N. Gathecha, the Director of RDMCOE Mr. Sh. Amadi and other national authorities to learn about the Kenyan system for emergency response and disaster risk reduction.

Discussions focused on the development of Kenya’s national civil defence system with the support of the ICDO, as well training for national civil defence staff by Mobile Training Teams and the possibility for Kenya to join the ICDO as a full member.

The ICDO, in partnership with the Scientific and Research Institute will prepare a report  which will be sent to the appropriate Kenyan authorities to support and help develop the national civil defence structure of Kenya. 

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