Audit & Consulting

The ICDO is committed to delivering assistance for the improvement of the national structures of its Member States to reinforce their capacities.

The ICDO regularly calls upon experts to conduct risk assessments, to provide advice and to assist Member States in the implementation of new policies

Since 2004, the ICDO offers Audit and Consulting services to National Civil Defence structures, including in the following areas :

  • Creation of Rapid Response Team
  • Studies on the reinforcement of capacity building towards territorial risk reduction.
  • Analysis of private and public resources and intervention strategies for emergency situations.
  • Raising awareness of representatives about the role of territorial administrations towards disaster fighting.

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Audit projects:

Nouakchott, Mauritania

Audit Gabon

Audit Guinea

Audit Cameroon

Audit Gabon

Audit Cameroon

Audit Burundi

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