About ICDO

The International Civil Defence Organisation (ICDO) is an intergovernmental organisation with the objective to contribute to the development by States of structures ensuring the protection and assistance of population and safeguarding property and the environment from natural or man-made disasters.


General Assembly
(56 States)
Executive Council
(22 States)
Supreme body constituted by representatives of Member Sates (occurs every 2 years) Implements decisions from the General Assembly and conducts ICDO activities accordingly (yearly) In charge of technical and administrative management of the ICDO (permanent)


Member States
(56 States)
Observer States
(18 States)
Affiliated Members
(30 Members)
States with voting rights States with no voting rights International bodies or Corporations with no voting rights

You can download the english version of the ICDO 2014 Presentation by clicking on the image below :


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Information & Curiosities

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    ICDO members

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    ICDO events

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    Impact by disasters

  4. 04

    The economic and human impact of disasters

  5. 05

    Training of senior officials

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